Long DistanceThe cost of a long distance move depends on the distance you are moving and the size of your shipment. We will help you estimate the size of your belongings based on the inventory list you can provide us over the phone or one that a visual estimator can gather from your home or office.

VIP Moving & Storage is able to provide low rates, based on our in-house consolidated shipping. Instead of sending a moving truck across the state with only your belongings on board, we consolidate your shipment with other shipments. This method allows you to receive a competitive and affordable rate.

Here are a few factors that may affect your moving budget:

  • How far are you moving?
  • How much stuff are you moving?
  • Do you need storage?
  • Will you pack yourself, or would you like us to pack for you?
  • Will you have accessorial charges? This is moving lingo for charges due to obstacles that keep the door of the truck away from the door of your new or old home. This includes: flights of stairs, elevators, long carries and the need to use a small shuttle vehicle. All moving companies are going to charge you for this, whether they tell you or not. We prefer to tell you upfront.

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Commercial MoveVIP Moving & Storage has an excellent reputation performing office moves and is well equipped to handle any type of business move. We have an expert skill set to take care of whatever your moving needs may be. We know your business is unique, and we are ready to help.

Our business is to keep your business moving! Moving an office is stressful. We understand your need to minimize the interruption to your daily business. VIP Movers has access to specialized equipment to swiftly and smoothly move electronics, gym equipment, office or warehouse machines. We will meet whatever your moving needs may be, even sending crews after hours.

Prior to your moving day, we will be in direct contact with your company’s move coordinator, whether that be a facilities manager, office manager, relocation manager or you. The moving consultant assigned to your move will address your questions and concerns. We’re ready to listen to exactly how you want your company’s move completed.

Our moving experts can pack everything for you, or we can advise your employees in completing their own packing. If you prefer that your employees pack themselves, we can supply you with packing materials before your move.

VIP Movers will directly be in contact with the building management at both facilities ahead of time to make sure we understand all the requirements that must be met to move your business. We will also direct our insurance company to provide each of the building owners’ management teams with a certificate of insurance with their names as additional insured.

Call us at (818) 986-1780 to talk about moving your business.