If you have any questions, check out some FAQs where you can find answers to many of your questions and even some you may not have considered. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to call VIP Moving & Storage with any of your inquiries.

Q: What are your rates?
A: LOCAL rates are a basic hourly rate that is dependent on the number of movers, type of truck and equipment needed, as well as the time of the month you wish to move. LONG DISTANCE rates are based on the size of your shipment, access to your home, and the distance you are moving to. Call us toll free at 866.888.3847 to speak with a moving consultant about those specifics to get our competitive pricing.

Q: When should I schedule?
A: To ensure availability and the best rates, try to reserve a date at least two weeks ahead. The more in advance you plan, the less stressful your moving process will be. Keep in mind weekends, the beginning and ends of the month book up quickly and the services are rated higher.

Q: How many movers do I need?
A: LOCAL move rates are dependent on the number of movers, so your moving consultant will take into account all the details you provide for the move and suggest a crew size that will ensure efficiency in time and safety of your belongings.

Q: Why must I pay double drive time in LOCAL moves?
A: This is a uniform charge that all licensed and insured movers should be charging you based on PUC regulation. You moving charges start when the movers begin moving you at your origin and ends at your destination. To ensure all movers charge equally, the time spent driving between those locations is doubled instead of charging you an extra fuel surcharge or for the time spent driving to and from our facilities.

Q: Are my belongings insured?
A: VIP Moving & Storage offers a basic valuation coverage of $0.60 per pound per article, at no cost to you, if any item is damaged or lost. We highly suggest you speak with a moving consultant about additional coverage to any high valued items you are moving.

Q: Do you need to pack my mattress?
A: VIP Movers offer shrink wrapping and boxing for mattresses to ensure that they arrive unsoiled, torn, or snagged during transit.

Q: Do you need to pack my TV?
A: TVs are extremely delicate, and crating them helps ensure that it arrives in the same condition.

Q: Do movers take a lunch hour?
A: Only during an extensive, large-scale, all-day move will the movers need to take a lunch break, but never at the expense of a customer.

Q: How much am I expected to tip?
A: You are never expected to tip, however tips are appreciated and are completely at your discretion.

Q: Would it be better to move with a small company?
A: Your moving bids should realistically fall within 10% of each other, while VIP Movers provides the resources and equipment to meet any of your moving needs in a shorter time frame.

Q: Would it be better to move with a big company or Van Line?
A: Van Lines only service long distance moves and works with local agents or franchisees much like brokers. Van Lines do not get involved with the specific details of your move once your belongings are picked up, unlike VIP Moving & Storage that services your move from start to finish

Q: Are you the person I will always be dealing with?
A: Your moving consultant will always be available to you. We have dispatchers and customer service representatives that assist the consultants during the course of your move and after.

Q: Are packing and the boxes included in the price?
A: Blanket-wrapped padding, wardrobe boxes, and tape for LOCAL moves are included in your hourly rate. We offer packing services and sell boxes at an additional cost. For a full packing offer, we recommend a free, on-site estimate.

Q: How much will my move cost?
A: VIP Moving & Storage offers customers binding estimates. A moving consultant will give you an estimate based on your inventory, which will then become your actual bill. There are no hidden fees tacked on your bill afterward.

Q: Is there an additional charge for travel time while moving?
A: There is no additional charge for travel to or from your destination, and no charge for tolls.

Q: How long does a typical local move take?
A: There is no incentive for the movers to prolong the move, nor is there an additional charge if it takes longer than expected